Annual Registration Fee: $20/student ($35 family max) is collected at fall registration to cover both semester I and II. Registration is accepted through the mail or in person at Open House. Returning students have first placement in a class, but must indicate their intention to return to the school by the date indicated in their registration information. After that date, new students will be taken in the order in which the completed form and tuition are received. Classes will be closed after the limit of students is reached. Transfer students will be placed in existing classes during the year as space allows. The year is divided into two semesters: Sept-Jan and Jan-May. Separate registration is required for our summer session.

Placement for new students is determined upon registration; however students are further evaluated in class for the first few weeks to ensure proper placement. In order to dance well, the necessary development of strong, proper technique is a slow, methodical process which involves physical and mental discipline. This cannot be hurried. We understand that children develop at different rates; therefore advancement to the next level is not automatic in Upper level classes (intermediate) Each student is considered individually and it should be expected that students will remain in a class level for more than one year to continue their progress. Natural ability, strength, control, flexibility, age, work ethic and application of corrections are some of the factors taken into consideration. Each student is carefully placed in the level needed to train the body effectively and safely.
• Students in Beginner levels must complete a full year (2 consecutive semesters) in their level I, II or III before advancing to the next level.
• Teachers must be made aware of special needs upon registration. Children with special needs are welcome as long as the group learning environment is not compromised.
• Tuition is to be paid in advance of each semester either. Family discounts are given for those with more than one child in training (see registration form).
$15 penalty + bank charges for returned checks.
Tuition is non-refundable. Only in cases of prolonged illness shall a credit be considered.
Dress Code: Refer to individual class descriptions on website and/or ‘dress code’ for detailed requirements regarding hair, uniform leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. Only the uniform leotard for the level is allowed. No jewelry, body piercing (except ear lobe), leg warmers, or baggy clothes are allowed in class. Students must wear street clothes over their ballet clothes as they come and go from the building. See ‘Dates to Remember’ for special attire weeks (ex: Skirt Week, Color Week, Warm-Ups Week).

Attendance and Punctuality: Students are expected to attend classes regularly and to be ON TIME. Repeated absences and/or tardiness disrupt the class and hinder progress. A student may be asked to sit out and observe if she/he is too late. Please call the studio if you anticipate tardiness. The school must be notified if a student will be absent from class and prior permission must be granted to leave class early. There is no reduction or refund for lessons missed. Make-up classes are encouraged and must be made up within the same semester in the same level ballet class or lower. Pilates and other forms of dance classes are not to be used for ballet make ups. In case of injury or non-contagious illness, the student is asked to come observe class and take notes and will not incur an absence.
Dancers must be enrolled and taking the amount ballet classes required by class level in order to sign up for lyrical, hip-hop or pilates.
Cancellations due to weather: In case of severe weather, we will send an EMAIL to notify of cancellation and will post of Facebook. We are not automatically cancelled if the public schools are closed, as weather conditions often change later in the day when classes take place. We do not add classes or make up classes cancelled due to weather.
Class Conduct: Students are expected to be attentive, courteous, and kind. There is no talking between students during class and they need to raise their hand before speaking. All students are expected to use the bathroom before class. We strive for an atmosphere of discipline, while motivating each student to work to their fullest potential and still having fun and feeling encouraged. At any time during the year, parent or teacher may request to schedule a conference to discuss progress and/or concerns.
No street shoes, gum, drinks or food are allowed into studio.
Commitment Policy: Our upper level students need to be able to commit to ballet training exclusively with our school and further, give priority to our BSB performances. We do encourage ready students to attend pre-professional summer intensives to supplement their training. If a student wishes to take lessons at another studio in a dance form that we do not offer (tap, for example) they are welcome to do so. Any further requests for exceptions must be submitted in writing in advance. Decisions shall be made at the sole discretion of the director.

• Everyone is responsible for adhering to policies, reading newsletter emails sent by BSB and all the information and schedules posted on the bulletin board in the main lobby.
*Brighton School of Ballet reserves the right to dismiss any student who does not adhere to its policies.